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Pets are prone to get urinary infections all the time, not to mention the increased risk of kidney disease and recurrent bladder infections as cats age. To prevent these disorders or keep them under control once they've been diagnosed can be easily achieved using the right supplements. You can find the most popular and effective in the list below.

Feliway Cystease for cats
Stress can adversely affect the integrity of the bladder lining in cats. Feliway Cystease Capsules contain N-acetyl glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, key components of the protective GAG layer which lines the bladder wall, helping to improve the comfort of your cat.
Feliway Cystease Capsules may be given whole or broken open and mixed with food.
New Feliway Cystease formulation contains stress-fighting ingredient L-tryptophan. For optimal results Feliway Cystease should be used alongside Feliway.
PROTEXIN CystoPro fro cats and dogs
Supporting Canine and Feline Urinary Health
CystoPro contains an active ingredient derived from cranberries. This active ingredient is a class of antioxidants called Proanthocyanidins (PACs). CystoPro also contains probiotics, prebiotics and N-acetyl D-glucosamine.
CystoPro is available in boxes of 30 and 120 capsules.
PROTEXIN Cystophan tablets for cats
High level support for feline urinary health
Cystophan helps to support and preserve the protective glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer of the bladder. It also contains L-tryptophan which is used in the brain to make serotonin, the happy hormone.
Cystophan contains:
N-acetyl D-glucosamine - acts as a building block for GAGs.
Hyaluronic acid - one of the main components of the protective GAG layer that lines the bladder.
Artificial chicken flavour
Available in tubs of 30 and 240 capsules
DORWEST Green Releaf Tablets
Its main uses are for the symptomatic relief of arthritis, skin and kidney disorders and as a mild diuretic to aid normal urinary elimination.
Green Releaf Tablets promote mild water loss, helping to maintain normal urine flow and pH (acid-alkali) balance. This can be helpful in cases of cystitis, urinary incontinence and leaky bladders that occur after spaying (neutering) or other surgery and in old age.
Lintbells YuRelieve for cats
YuRELIEVE Advance for Cats is a feline urinary health supplement which helps supply the building blocks of the bladder lining and support urinary health in cats.
Yurelieve also contains L-tryptophan and essential fatty acids to provide cats with comprehensive urinary health support. It also contains N-acetyl D-glucosamine which supports the protective glycosaminoglycan layer.
Each pack contains 30 sprinkle capsules.
UrinAid tablets for dogs
Highly palatable nutritional supplement to help improve urinary tract health in dogs. It provides potent antioxidants combined with an effective calming ingredient to offer exceptional nutritional support. A supplement containing pomegranate, cranberry, d-mannose and ashwagandha to help improve urinary tract health in dogs and cats. The potent antioxidants within urinaid can help displace bacteria from the urinary wall. Urinaid can reduce the need for antibiotics.
CystAid Feline Plus for cats
Cystaid plus is a complementary feed for cats suffering from feline idiopathic cystitis.

Each capsule contains: Acetyl D-Glucosamine (NAG)125 mg - supports the normal structure of the bladder lining (Glycosaminoglycans GAGs), Quercetin20mg - regulate inflammation and help to support stress coping mechanisms and L-Theanine25mg -an amino acid found in green tea with natural calming properties to reduce stress behaviours in cats.
Cystaid Canine 120 tablets
Cystaid Canine Chronic cystitis and haematuria lead to the breakdown of the bladder's mucosal barrier resulting in increased permeability, mucosal inflammation and dysuria. Cystaid is a supplement that helps to sustain the production of glycosaminoglycans in the bladder and alleviate the symptoms of idiopathic cystitis. DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS OF USE: Each capsule contains 500 mg N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine,capsule can be opened and mixed with food or give in whole, give 1 capsule per 10kg bodyweight.
ProNefra for cats and dogs
Pronefa is a unique 4 in 1 innovation. It limits the bioavailability of phosphate. Binds with uraemic toxins, Helps to maintain normal kidney architecture. Contributes to supporting balanced blood pressure.

Pronefra is extremely palatable and available in a liquid formulation for easy addition to food.

It is available in 60ml and 180ml bottles which are suitable for both cats and dogs.
Ipakitine powder for cats and dogs
Ipakitine Powder is dietetic complementary feeding stuff for support of renal function in case of chronic renal insufficiency a phosphate reducer aiding kidney function in cats and dogs.

Ipakitine is nutraceutical supplement composed of Chitosan and Calcium Carbonate which mimic or enhance the effects of a phosphate restricted food.

How to use:
Mix Ipakitine with food or sprinkle on top of food.

Scale: 1g (1 level scoop) per 5kg body weight twice a day.
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