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Healthy eyes and clean ears are an essential part in your pet's welfare. Taking proper care of them will avoid infections and will spare you from spending money at the vets for treatments against some conditions that you could have easily avoided. Give the eyes a proper wipe and clean the ears accordingly and you will never have an issue again. Also avoid as much as possible to let your pet going into bushes or play around sharp objects.

Otodine ear cleaning solution
Otodine® is an ear cleaning solution with a patented formula, which incorporates the dual action of Chlorhexidine digluconate and TrisEDTA, both effective antibacterial agents.
Can be used as a pre-treatment cleanser.
Can be used as a maintenance cleanser where bacteria have been identified by cytology or culture.
Use Otodine® twice daily for at least 14 days.
Clorexyderm ear cleaning solution
Clorexyderm Oto’s special antibacterial and antifungal formula gently dissolves excess cerumen and helps in the maintenance of routine ear hygiene in dogs and cats.
For routine ear hygiene in adult dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.
To clean the ear canal before topical treatment.
As a cleaner to maintain good ear hygiene.
Where bacteria have been identified by cytology or culture.
Repeat 2-3 times a week.
Otoact ear cleaning solution
Otoact® gently and effectively dissolves excess wax and allows the owner to maintain good ear hygiene at home.
How To Use
Shake well before using.
Instill Otoact® into the ear canal and massage for a few seconds.
Wipe off the excess with a piece of gauze or cotton wool wrapped around a finger.
Repeat 1 - 2 times per week.
IryPlus Wipes
ryplus Eye Wipes can help owners reduce and further minimise the staining caused by excess tear production by regularly cleansing the affected areas. Iryplus Eye Wipes can also be used to gently remove excess eye mucous and crust that may build up in the tear ducts of dogs and cats.
How to Use: Gently rub the affected area with the Iryplus Wipe to remove mucous and reduce staining. Used daily, regular application should lighten the staining and minimise tear and crust accumulations.
Epi-Otic ear cleaner
Virbac Epiotic is perfect for softening and removing excessive ear wax and inflammatory material in the external ear canal of cats and dogs.
Twist the white cap open and insert the cannula vertically into the ear while the ear is held up. Apply a sufficient amount into the ear canal and gently massage below the ear. For routine treatments, Epiotic can be applied 2-3 times a week. As a pre-treatment for an ear rinse, apply 2 times per day to support this therapy prior to each treatment.
CleanOcular eye solution
Cleanocular Eye Bath is a neutral cleansing agent for the removal of tear staining around the eyes in dogs and cats. Instructions: To remove tear stains from the eyelids and surrounding area, use a small piece of gauze or cotton wool moistened with a few drops of CleanOcular. Take care not to touch the surface of the eye with, for example, the nozzle of the bottle or cotton wool, which can be very abrasive. The eye surface is very delicate and easily damaged.
CleanAural ear cleaner
CleanAural CleanAural treats itching, irritation, and bad odours. The pH of 6.5 is tailored to the delicate skin of the ear canal of dogs and cats. The organic solvents are moisturising and gentle to the skin and have no negative/irritating effect on the ear. The formula does not inhibit the action of antibiotics that treat otitis externa (ear discharge, inflammation of skin in the ear canal). Thanks to the flexible cannula, CleanAural is safe to use.
YuCare ear drops
Antibacterial, gentle and easy to use, YuCARE Ear Drops are an easy and effective way to clean and treat ear problems. Antibacterial silver ions kill off bacteria and yeasts. Use with the YuCare Microfiber Ear and Eye Cloth to gently remove wax and debris.
Antibacterial action
Gently cleans ears
Effective debris removal
YuCare eye spray
uCARE Eye Spray is a gentle, effective way to clean and protect your pets’ eyes. Used daily, it reduces tear staining and can help pets prone to eye problems. Use with the YuCARE Microfiber Ear and Eye Cloth to thoroughly clean the eye area. This soothing antibacterial spray can also be used to reduce the irritation caused by insect bites. Simply spray on the affected area.
Antibacterial action
Gently cleans eye area
Gets rid of tear staining
Reduces eye irritation
YuCare ear&eye cloth
The microfibre cloth is specially designed to help the cleaning process and is impregnated with silver ions to aid the removal of any debris and to kill any bacteria present to ensure the ear/eye are totally clean.

Use in conjunction with the YuCARE water drops and spray for ultimate cleaning as the YuCARE range uses the natural anti-bacterial power of silver to destroy bacteria by disabling the enzymes necessary for their survival preventing them from multiplying and growing.
Frontline Pet Care Eye Cleaner
Frontline Pet Care Eye Cleaner is a neutral cleansing solution for the eyes and surrounding areas in dogs and cats, developed by veterinary experts. Its crystal clear composition mimics natural tears for safe and gentle removal of debris and stains from around the eyes. Healthy never felt so good!

Apply the product onto a cotton wool pad and gently wipe over your pets eye by working from the inside of the eye outwards. Repeat on the other eye.
Eye Drops cats/dogs/small animals
Our Eye Care Drops have been specially formulated to promote healthy, happy eyes in our dogs, cats and small animals. Our kind and gentle formula is designed to lubricate the eyes and remove any dirt and dust. These drops will aid the healing process for minor eye ailments such as dry irritated eyes, redness, soreness and mucus-clogging.

50 ml bottle
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