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Healthy teeth are essential for a happy pet life. Avoid spending less time with your furry friend because of bad smelly breath. Ideally you should brush your pet's teeth daily, but it sounds better in theory than it actually is. If your pet won't allow you to clean his/her teeth, there are other alternatives like gum sticky gels or dental liquid/food. You only need to browse the list below and you will definetely find something that works for you and your pet. Just don't leave the issue unattended, you will regret it later, when your pet will have dental disease and most of the teeth will need to come out.

Virbac Toothpaste Kit cats&dogs
Toothpaste kits are a great way to introduce pets to the benefits of a regular oral hygiene programme. The kits are specifically designed to cater for the needs of both cats and dogs.

Dogs Toothpaste Kit comes in a palatable poultry flavour.
Ingredients: 70g Poultry flavoured Toothpaste, Fingerbrush, Dual-Ended Toothbrush and guide to oral hygiene.
Virbac Toothpaste Kit for cats
A great way to introduce pets to the benefits of a regular oral hygiene programme
Contains 43g fish flavoured toothpaste, fingerbrush, cat toothbrush.
Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste cat&dog
C.E.T Toothpaste (Enzymatic) is specially formulated for dogs and cats and is a highly palatable enzymatic toothpaste based on the patented C.E.T Dual-Enzyme System which enhances the natural defense mechanisms of the mouth.

C.E.T Enzymatic toothpaste helps to: remove plaque, reduce calculus formation and reduce bad breath.

It is available in 43g fish flavour or 70g poultry flavour.
Virbac Dual Ended Toothbrush
Virbac Toothbrush has a long handle with reverse angle that allows for easy application and a tapered end that conforms to pets mouth and teeth.

The product is dual-ended for large and small tooth surfaces.

Use the C.E.T. dual-ended Toothbrush with C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste daily or as directed by your veterinarian to help maintain proper oral hygiene.
Vet Aquadent cats and dogs
Vet Aquadent is formulated by veterinary dental specialists to help freshen your pet's breath and maintain oral hygiene in conjunction with a regular home dental care program.
Simply add Vet Aquadent to your pet's drinking water to provide clinically tested oral hygiene care every time your pet drinks, is a refreshing and palatable solution containing Chlorhexidine( anti plaque) and Xylitol(reduce tartat) to help fight your pets bad breath.
Stomodine F oral gel
Antibacterial / Soothing Gel to help soothe gums and manage the build-up of plaque which causes bad breath.
Chlorhexidine 0.07% - antibacterial
To be used after dental procedures as well as a maintenance / prevention for long term oral hygiene.

Use once or twice a day for minimum of 15 days. Can be used ongoing.
Dentisept for cats and dogs
Dentisept Adhesive Oral Paste contains Chlorhexidine which is a disinfectant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredient. It has been designed to help maintain a normal plaque-free environment in pet mouths. Dentisept binds the enamel of your pet's teeth and it slowly releases its antiseptic properties over a 24 hour period. Dentisept supports dogs and cats recovering from gingivitis, skin fold dermatitis, stomatitis, periodontitis and prevents plaque and tartar build up.
Advanced Toothbrush set for dogs
Brighten and whiten your dog’s teeth and freshen breath with Arm Hammer Advanced Pet Care Tartar Control Toothpaste and Brush Set.

The enzymatic toothpaste is formulated with baking soda to neutralize odours effectively, control tartar and deliver complete and thorough cleaning.

Use the dual-headed toothbrush and the finger brush to ensure that all your canine’s teeth are fresh and clean.
DORWEST Dog Toothpaste
With this tasty toothpaste on the menu, brushing your pet’s teeth doesn’t have to be too much of a chore for you or your pet. Human toothpastes just don’t cut the mustard for pets and this toothpaste has been developed in conjunction with veterinary professionals. It’s low foaming, and gentle – as the enamel of pets’ teeth can be surprisingly soft.

The main purpose in cleaning teeth is to reduce the build-up of dental plaque which can lead to the formation of tartar and to keep gums healthy.
YuCare Tooth Polish
YuCARE Tooth Polish gently removes heavy tartar and plaque build up, keeping your pet's teeth bright, breath fresh and gums healthy. It's tasty to pets and can be fully digested by dogs and cats.
It's 100% natural, with no nasty chemical preservatives. Used regularly, it helps to remove heavy tartar and plaque for bright teeth and healthy gums.
Key benefits:
- For whiter teeth and fresher breath
- Effective removal of plaque and tartar
- Promote healthy teeth and gums
Available in 30ml bottles
YuCare Tooth Cleaner
Gone are the days of unwieldy pet toothbrushes – our easy-to-use tooth cleaner makes dental care a breeze. It’s easy to clean, too. Just rinse the tooth cleaner under warm water and leave to dry. The clever silver ions will destroy bacteria.

For whiter teeth and fresher breath
Easy to use, micro-cleaning fibres destroy bacteria on contact
Lasts for 4-6 weeks of daily use
12,000 times more fibres than a toothbrush!
Perfect with YuCARE Tooth Polish
Plaque Off for cats and dogs
ProDen PlaqueOff is a completely natural product containing only specially selected seaweed (D1070).
Improvements should start to be seen between 3 and 8 weeks / used daily.

Used daily it can significantly help in the control of dental plaque, tartar and bad breath and is suitable for use with dogs and cats.
It is available in 60g, 180g and 420g sizes.
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